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About Pancreatic Cancer UK

Pancreatic cancer is the deadliest common cancer. Survival rates have improved enormously for most cancers. Sadly, for pancreatic cancer, this is not the case. It’s unacceptable that more than half of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will die within 3 months.

Our Support Services are here to help people affected by pancreatic cancer make sense of their diagnosis and guide and support them every step of the way. We also invest in vital world-leading research to fund the breakthroughs that people with pancreatic cancer so desperately need.  And, as a leading voice of the pancreatic cancer community, we work with governments and clinicians across the UK to find ways to improve diagnosis, treatment and care.

Your Impact

By walking together, we can transform the future for people affected by pancreatic cancer.

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Together we fund research breakthroughs

Our scientists are using cutting-edge technologies to improve early detection of pancreatic cancer and monitor those most at risk, and pioneering promising new therapies to make better treatments a reality. 

Alongside this, we are investing in the leaders of tomorrow to grow the research community and accelerate the life-saving breakthroughs that we so urgently need.

You can help fund more of the vital research that is so desperately needed to revolutionise the future of pancreatic cancer, so that more people survive this devastating disease.

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Together we support people affected by pancreatic cancer

We're here so people don't have to face pancreatic cancer alone. Our friendly specialist nurses are only a call or email away. Providing tailored information on treatments, managing symptoms or coping with emotions, they can recommend practical support and bring comfort and reassurance along the way. For many, they are a lifeline. Find out more.

A group of people in front of Parliament

Together we campaign for change

Survival rates for pancreatic cancer have barely changed over the last 50 years, and successive governments, strategies and plans have failed to change this.  We work alongside our community of passionate campaigners to hold decision makers to account. Together, we call on governments and NHS bodies across the UK to transform the future for people affected by pancreatic cancer. Find out more about our recent campaigns.

Inspiring stories from some of our heroes

Do you want to be a Big Step Forward hero? Share your fundraising story with us today.


"I decided to do The Big Step Forward because I wanted to do something to mark the anniversary of my Whipple’s operation. My Whipple’s was on July 13th 2021 and a year later, I walked with my husband, daughter, eldest grandson, and some friends. We walked five miles from Newlyn to Marazion, along the coast. It was quite emotional taking part in The Big Step Forward 2022. I was really quite proud of myself when I got to the five-mile mark. It felt good to raise some money and awareness. I would say to anyone considering taking part that it really is a great sense of achievement when you’ve done it. It felt so great to be able to do something normal again, while also spreading awareness and raising money for such a worthy cause.”

Family of four

Sharon and family

"When my dad passed from pancreatic cancer, he was only 57 and missed meeting his first grandchild by 6 weeks. Since then, we've done The Big Step Forward every year. We do a different route that honours dad each year. The Big Step Forward connects Erin to her grandad. She didn't get to meet him, so this is such a great way to pay tribute to him. It is honestly so rewarding, and the community is so lovely. In total, we've raised £1,166."

Couple with small child

Lynne and Anne

"We took part in The Big Step Forward and loved feeling part of a big event, with people across the country taking part. The support team were wonderful about keeping in touch and providing lots of encouragement and useful information. We had a lot of fun and so many good conversations with people about pancreatic cancer and the charity. Together, we raised £6,228”

Ladies friends