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Inspiring stories from some of our Big Step Forward heroes

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“I was motivated to take part in the virtual Big Step Forward as I lost my younger brother to pancreatic cancer. My brother’s passion for helping others with the same challenges in life when he was alive encouraged me to carry on the torch. My family and I walked over 7 miles on the day in our local park and we raised £256! It gave me immense pleasure to see so many people taking part to raise funds and I am prepared to help in any way I can.”


“I took part in the virtual Big Step Forward 2020 in memory of my mum who passed away in July 2020. I walked 12 miles and raised nearly £700. A robin flew near me the majority of the walk, which made me feel as though my mum was with me walking. I absolutely loved taking part because it meant I was spreading awareness of this disease, and fundraising for lifesaving research breakthroughs and I feel so proud to be transforming the future for everyone effected by pancreatic cancer.” 


"Myself and my husband took part in the virtual Big Step Forward 2020 in memory of my beloved Mum, who very sadly lost her battle to this awful disease in 2019, just 10 weeks after being diagnosed. We walked just over 15 miles and raised an amazing £1,371.92!! We loved taking part and stomped our way through all the tears, laughter, achy legs and dripping wet clothes!!! We feel so so proud to be able to help transform the future for anyone effected by pancreatic cancer."


"Back in December 2019, my wife’s pancreatic cancer diagnosis came as a huge shock. Lynda was fortunate that the cancer was found early enough for her to have surgical treatment, and she had Whipple surgery on 7th January. As she slowly recovered, we signed up for Pancreatic Cancer UK’s Big Step Forward, hoping to raise some money to support their three aims of providing support to those with cancer and their families, lobbying for better treatment, and funding research. We roped in some friends who also agreed to walk – all separately from each other and with appropriate social distancing! The sun shone on the day and everyone took photos. It was great for us all to be able to do something together, even if physically we had to be apart! The fundraising all went a bit viral and we have so far raised over £10,500."

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Naomi and Family

"We took part in the virtual Big Step Forward 2020 after losing my Mum and Nanny to Nina, Leon, Sofia, lizzy, Isla, Joel & Isaac - in 2019. We were lucky to have 10 months with my mum after diagnosis- this awful disease is hard to diagnose and acts quickly. We walked 8 miles toegther on the day and raised £2,495. We absolutely loved taking part because this funded research towards this deadly disease. We hope that we can help transform the future for everyone affected by pancreatic cancer.”


"My dad passed away in November 2020 after a short battle with this terrible cancer. Dad didn't want other families to suffer like us so we vowed to help raise awareness of pancreatic cancer, in his honour. Since January my two daughters and I, along with my sisters and their children, have taken on a series of challenges all to raise vital funds and awareness. We have even created our own Facebook blog page; 'Walking for Grandad', where we are sharing all pf our activities. This July we will be joining in with The Big Step Forward. Our plan is to join as a family team, and walk 67 laps of Dad's garden in a three-legged style! 67 laps, as that's how young he was when this cruel disease took him away."


"I'm taking part in my second Big Step Forward, to raise awareness for this rarely mentioned yet often fatal cancer. My dad was diagnosed two years ago following a nagging pain under his ribs, bowel issues and weight loss. He was also diagnosed with kidney cancer. I'm so pleased to say that following the Whipple surgery and intense chemo for six months, he is doing so well! He has regular check ups for signs of recurrence and to check on his kidney tumour but in himself he is looking and feeling pretty good. I hope to raise some more funds this year, although I know people are struggling financially right now. I know many people have been touched by pancreatic cancer, in some way and this has inspired me to take part, again."


"I work for the NHS as a Macmillan Hepato-Pancreato Biliary Cancer Support Worker, supporting patients who have received a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. My job has made me very aware of pancreatic cancer and how it affects the patients I see everyday, and that is why I am taking on the Big Step Forward for the second year in a row."