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I turned 50 this year and since decimalisation in 1971, so many things have changed, but survival from pancreatic cancer isn’t one of them, as survival rates have pretty much stood still!

Both my aunty and mother passed away from pancreatic cancer within 13 months of diagnosis.

My friend Finlo’s mother, Linda, passed away from pancreatic cancer in late 2014. 

In May 2020 during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, I too was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer! From then until today, throughout pre and post-op chemotherapy, my ‘Total Pancreatectomy’ operation and subsequent ongoing recovery period, PCUK have supported me and my family in an incredible way. PCUK’s online, telephone and webinar support services have been instrumental in enabling us to cope with this truly tough disease.


Pancreatic cancer is a tough one. Tough to diagnose, tough to treat, and tough to survive. Together, we can change that.

Around 10,000 people a year are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but it has the lowest cancer survival rate with around 9,000 dying every year.

Despite being a common cancer and having the poorest survival rates, only 2% of the annual UK cancer research budget goes into pancreatic cancer. There has also been little prioritisation of pancreatic cancer by Governments across the UK and within national cancer strategies.

Pancreatic cancer has been left behind. This is shameful!

Pancreatic cancer is the deadliest common cancer. Half of people diagnosed will die within 3 months, 3 in 4 will not survive a year. Research is key. We’re nearer than ever before to a breakthrough.

Research breakthroughs give us hope and will save lives. The earlier the diagnosis, the more lives saved. The funds you raise will have the power to make that possible. Every step will support world-class researchers to speed up diagnosis and improve treatments. By walking together, we can create change to save lives.

That’s why we're taking on The Big Step Forward to stamp out pancreatic çancer.

What are Team Oban Doing

Help me change the future of pancreatic cancer by joining us and hundreds of others on Fri 16th / Sat 17th July 2021, as we walk around the ‘Gallanach Loop’ to fund pioneering research and stamp out pancreatic cancer. (You could join our team and do a small walk wherever you are in the UK / world).

During last year’s Big Step Forward, 81 people joined ’Team Oban’ to raise over £6000, can we do that again this year?!

Whether you, a friend or family member are affected by the disease now, or you’re remembering someone you’ve lost, we can stand together to save lives. 

You could either donate some cash following the links on this page or contact Adrian or Finlo to join them in this virtual challenge where ever you may be!

“It’s so much easier for you to cope, if you decide to live in hope” - Anthony Horowitz, April 2020

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