Helen Dolby

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hours with a nurse on our support line


hours of early diagnosis research

I have lost both my gran and my mum to Pancreatic cancer, my mum only over a year ago. My gran was misdiagnosed, whilst my mum was diagnosed too late. I believe that with early testing, along with educating primary health professionals on the early signs

I’m taking part in The Big Step Forward to transform the future for those affected by pancreatic cancer.

It’s unacceptable that more than half of people diagnosed with the deadliest common cancer die within three months. That’s why they need and deserve more. More research, more funding, more breakthroughs. More than hope. 

The funds I raise will enable Pancreatic Cancer UK’s nurses to continue to be there for those affected by pancreatic cancer now and fund research to detect early, treat better and transform care.

Your kind donation will have the power to make that possible.  

Together, we can step up and stamp out this brutal cancer.

Thank you.

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Steve Dolby

Well done Helen., I'm so very proud of you. Lots of love, always. Steve XXX


Steve Dolby

Good luck & lots of love and hugs.




Helen Dolby


Michael Palframan

Good luck sis. Will be thinking of you.


Emma Knight

Good Luck


Stephanie Smith