Becky Connolly

I'm taking part in my 1st Big Step Forward!

Walking For Grandad

Say hello to our littlest team member - Reuben!

Reuben is our four year old son; lover of adventures, monster trucks and Youtube.  He has a crazy amount of energy that never seems to burn off and he has a heart of gold.

Reuben is also the grandson my Dad never got to meet because he passed away from pancreatic cancer before Reuben came along.

Reuben often has questions about his Grandad, but I wish "what did Grandad die of?" wasn't one of them.  

Why does cancer have to be the punctuation to so many lived lives?

So Reuben's walking the Big Step Forward with us next month, representing all of Dad's grandchildren, and is fundraising for his own efforts.  He has his own paper sponsorship form but online donations can be made through my page (just say it's for Reuben.)

Reuben's doing this because family matters and he loves his family –– and on this walk he'll get to know his Grandad that little bit more.

We're walking all around Helmsley, taking in the historic sights through Dad's life. 

So please help us raise vital funds for Pancreatic Cancer UK by sponsoring our Big Step Forward walk, retelling the life of a 1940s Helmsley boy who became someone so treasured to us.

(Photo: Gale Dowding)

Doing it for Dad

I've never done a fundraising walk or run before.  I'm not especially fit and if my hypermobile joints could talk they'd (not) be running a mile.  So what's going on here then?  Why am I doing a sponsored walk?

It's all for my Dad.  

My lovely Dad died five years ago and it was pancreatic cancer that did it.  

It was horrible for him; too lately diagnosed, agonising and degrading for an otherwise absolute gent of a man.  Yorkshire born and bred, Dad was the head of our family and couldn't bare not being able to help out around the house for Mum anymore, be everyone's Mr Fixer and just be able to hug his loved ones without the sting of pain.  

And it was hard for us all to watch too.  

I was holding out for Dad walking me down the aisle, but the cancer was too aggressive.  Instead, he barely got to see me wear my wedding dress; a fleeting glimpse and a pained "it's nice" before fading out to sleep again.

Pancreatic cancer is a vile disease that I'll be quite happy to see the end of.  

So this is why I'm walking.  I want to raise funds to help in the war against one of the worst cancers known today.  People deserve hope and a future, and I pray one day that it will be a cancer-free world. 

I’m fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer UK

Pancreatic cancer is a tough one. Tough to diagnose, tough to treat, and tough to survive. Together, we can change that.

I am taking part in The Big Step Forward to take steps to transform the future for everyone affected by pancreatic cancer. 

I'm doing this for my dad, Cedric Magson, who died after a 6 month battle with pancreatic cancer.  He should still be here but cancer doesn't care.

Please support me and my fundraising.

Research breakthroughs give us hope and will save lives. The funds I raise will have the power to make that possible. Every step will support world-class researchers to speed up diagnosis and improve treatments. By walking together, we can create change to save lives.

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Carole Magson


Martin Mcnamara

Hey Becky, I lost my dad last December to Covid so only too happy to donate lovely! May the Force be with you xx



So Proud of you lil Reubs walking for grandad. You are our lil star


Punam Rana



Lauren Bootland


Stephen Aj Lofthouse

Hope you get more support :)



Good luck



Such a lovely thing to do :-D



Well done guys, proud of you all! Love from, Hayley, Callum & Finley xxx


Dave Connolly

Well done little man love Uncle Dave


Helen Mcfarlane


Mrs Rogers

From Reuben's teacher