Andy Sawbridge

My donations could fund...


hours with a nurse on our support line


hours of early diagnosis research

I’m fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer UK

I’m taking part in The Big Step Forward to transform the future for those affected by pancreatic cancer.

It’s unacceptable that more than half of people diagnosed with the deadliest common cancer die within three months. That’s why they need and deserve more. More research, more funding, more breakthroughs. More than hope. 

The funds I raise will enable Pancreatic Cancer UK’s nurses to continue to be there for those affected by pancreatic cancer now and fund research to detect early, treat better and transform care.

Your kind donation will have the power to make that possible.  

Together, we can step up and stamp out this brutal cancer.

Thank you.

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My Updates

Walking Today!

So happy to be making the walk at last!  Hoping to do 3km on Bodmin Moor, which is a big achievement for me as I couldn’t walk 50 yards when I decided to take this on!!

Also really happy to have raised £2,032 - I thought I’d be lucky to raise £250!!  Thank you to everyone one of you who have donated!  You all know how much this has impacted our family and I hope this will help to fund more research into detecting this disease sooner than is currently the case!  

Thank you to my Sponsors


Diana And Monty Montgomery

Good luck, and do what you can on 13 th July 👍👍👍


Andy Coad


Lewis, Sarah And William

Good luck Andy strength and hugs to you all.


Andy & Jo Sawbridge


David &nicole Sawbridge

Best of luck Andy - Thinking of you and Jo xx


Paul, Norma, Rich And Lee Saudan

All the best Andy! Thinking of you all x


Nigel & Keely

Best of luck - you’re doing it for such a great cause


Peter And Beth Cauldwell

Dear Andy and Jo Sending all our love and happy to donate and accompany you on the walks


Lauren & Gareth

Good luck Andy! What a great way to raise money for a great cause 👏🏼💪🏼 xxx



Brave and brilliant idea Andy


Penny And Martyn Xx

Amazing Andy you’ve smashed it already! Lots of love


Sophie Thomas

Lots of love to all the family Andy ♥️ keep smashing it xxx


Alex Clothier

Hi You two lovely people good luck be strong you can do it xxx


Sebastian Nabais

Wish you a speedy recovery and hopefully catch up soon x


Isaac & Helen


Patrick & Shirley

Lots of love to you both!


Rachel And Phil Phillips

Good luck Andy Thinking of you all xx


Ben Thomas

Gooo onnn Andy let’s go!


Mark And Jill

Go Andy!! Loads of Love Mark and Jill


Sophie And Will Mcfarland


Rob & Hannah


Mark & Jess

Well done Andy - lots of love to all the Sawbs! Mark, Jess & Douglas xxx


Kevin & Lynn

Wishing you strength in your challenge


Pauline & Ian

Full of admiration. Good luck Andy and lots of love to you all xxx


Dawn Bellman

Good luck with the challenge Andy. Much love xx


Bev And Chris

Hi Andy - hope things are going well. Sending love


Claudia Thomas

Well done Daddy, kicking off the fundraising like a champ! Love you very much Xxxx




Max Sawbridge

Good luck Andy! Sure you will smash this, love Max & Jess



Love and big hugs xxxxx


Catherine Vine

That’s not a lion, it’s a giraffe! 😉 Well done! X


Al, Liv & Clemmie (& Bump!)

You are both superstars. Well done Dad, proud of you doing this!


Clara And Danny

Good luck Andy! Xxxx


Janet Wells

Lots of love


Harry Sawbridge


Dawn & Gerry Barrett

Go for it Andy!




Linda Whincup

Good luck Andy and lots of love to you all xx


Marlene Burley

We are thinking of Jo


Rosie Derrick

Well done Andy on your walk. Love you you all xx


Julie Bloodworth

Hope you ok, good luck with your fund raising


Jenny Harker

Good luck Andy- its high time this Cancer had a few breakthroughs in effective treatment. We wish you both well and send you all our love. Jen and Andy xxxx


Sue & Steve Burke

Good luck Andy, what a star !


Steve, Emma And Tara

What a great effort Andy, best for the walk (and your back holding up)


Mandy Field

I know this won’t exactly be a ‘walk in the park’ for you lovely. Admirable… are you both. Mandy xx


Jill Emerson

Well done Andy. Sending love to you all ❤️


Howard And Jill

Sending love and hugs to you and Jo.


Sam Trudgian


Iain Winter

Well done.


Sarah Caffrey

Well done Andy and Jo - much love to all - Sarah xx


Tina And Si

Good luck Andy on your mission and love to your wonderful family x


Pugs And Sharon Hearn

Good luck Andy xx


Connie Griffin

Best of luck with the walk! Sending so much love to your wonderful family xxxx


Steve & Hayley

Good luck Andy ! & love to all your family Xx


Penny Wells

Best wishes Andy x


Rachel Graham

Well done Andy!! Lots of love xx


Rosie Cowie

Sending so much love to you all. Xx


Hattie Clark

Good luck Andy - sending you and the family all so much love xxxx



You’ll do amazingly Andy! Super proud of you all! Beccy xxx


Gillian Potter

Good luck Andy.x


Tracey Galsworthy

All the best, Andy! Thinking of you xx


Ben Clements

Incredible effort. Lots of love to you, your. family & friends