Event FAQs


What is the date of the virtual Big Step Forward?

The virtual Big Step Forward takes places on Saturday 25th July 2020. 

Is there a registration fee for the event and if so, how much is it?

There is no registration fee – this event is free to sign-up to. 

How old do I need to be to enter? 

You must be 16 years old to register for the event through our website. If a child under 16 wishes to take part in the event, a parent or guardian must register on their behalf and walk with them on the day of the event. 

When does registration for the event close?

You can enter the event up until 5pm on 23rd July. 

Will I receive anything for the event once I’ve registered? 

When you sign up, we'll be in contact to offer you a t-shirt.* You can also head to the fundraising tools section on our website where you can download items such as a message card, social media badges and a fun colouring in page for kids. We can also send you balloons and a branded banner for event day, just email supportercare@pancreaticcancer.org.uk.

*Please note; registrations made after 15th July cannot be guaranteed a t-shirt, due to the amount of days required for delivery.

How do I join the Facebook group?

Join the group here. We look forward to welcoming you to the page! 

I do not use Facebook, can I still register for the event?

Yes, no problem! Just register here and we will support you through emails and on the phone. We'd love to see your event day pictures which you can email through to us. 

Transferring your entry to the virtual Big Step Forward

I was signed up for the flagship walk on the 5th September, how do I transfer to the virtual walk?

It’s fantastic you're able to join us for the virtual Big Step Forward. To transfer your place please email thebigstepforward@pancreaticcancer.org.uk  or call us on 020 3535 7090 and confirm that you would like to transfer. By transferring over to the virtual event we'll be able to support you in the lead up to and on event day. 

I was signed up to organise my own Big Step Forward, but would like to join the virtual event. How do I join? 

We would love you to join us on the 25th July for the virtual Big Step Forward. To transfer your registration please email thebigstepforward@pancreaticcancer.org.uk  or call us on 020 3535 7090  to confirm that you would like to transfer. We will do this for you and let you know once you are transferred. 

I had previously signed-up to take part in the flagship walk on 5th September, and can't make the virtual event on the 25th July. Can I organise my own Big Step Forward? 

We are sorry you are not able to join us on the 25th July, but we’re very happy that you would still like to walk on another date instead. Just choose the date that you would like to do your walk instead and let us know by emailing thebigstepforward@pancreaticcancer.org.uk or calling 020 3535 7090. We’ll then be able to support you all the way with your fundraising and your walk plans. 

Are you offering registration refunds for the Flagship event that was taking place at Beckenham Place Park?

Yes, if you would like to request a refund please email supportercare@pancreaticcancer.org.uk or call 020 3535 7090. Alternatively you can donate your registration fee which will go towards the total raised from the event, helping to fund research breakthroughs for pancreatic cancer.

I have already started fundraising on my page, what will happen to this money?

Great news that you have already started fundraising, thank you and well done. When you request to transfer your place to the virtual Big Step Forward, we’ll also transfer any donations that you have already raised.

Event Day Details

When does the virtual Big Step Forward take place?

The virtual Big Step Forward takes place on Saturday 25th July at 11am. 

Where does the virtual Big Step Forward take place?

You can walk in the virtual Big Step Forward, wherever you are in the UK. Pick a nice walking route in your local area, or somewhere that is special to you. 

What distance do I have walk? 

We suggest that you walk 1 or 4 miles, however it is entirely up to you if you like to walk a longer or shorter distance. You can set your own distance when you create your fundraising page. 

What time does the event start?

The event will be live streaming through the homepage of this website - The Big Step Forward - from 10am on Saturday 25th July. We'd love for you to join us for a 10 minute warm up at 10.45am and start your walk at 11am. You can however start your own walk at a different time, if you wish to.

What time does the event finish? 

The event will be live streaming through the homepage of this website - The Big Step Forward - from 10am on Saturday 25th July. We will have a celebratory finishing moment at 1.30pm, which will also be livestreamed on the homepage. However, it is not a race and we want everyone to walk at their own pace, so you can finish at whatever time you would like to. 

Do I need to be physically fit to take part? 

The event is open to people of all fitness levels and the focus is on fun and togetherness, not finishing first. However, you do need to be confident in your ability to walk the distance that you have chosen. 

 By signing up, you are agreeing that you are in good enough physical health to take part. 

What should I wear on the day? 

We recommend that you wear sensible walking shoes, and comfortable and appropriate clothing, taking into account the weather on the day. We also encourage everyone to wear a Big Step Forward t-shirt; we will ask you for your t-shirt size and send one out to you, once you have registered.*

*Please note; registrations made after 15th July cannot be guaranteed a t-shirt, due to the amount of days required for delivery.

What happens if I hurt myself during my walk?

We really hope that nobody hurts themselves whilst walking. However, when you sign up you agree to the event terms and conditions in which Pancreatic Cancer UK does not take any responsibility for any injury sustained by any participant in The Big Step Forward. We do encourage all participants to carry a fully charged mobile phone with them whilst they walk, so that in the instance that you hurt yourself on your walk, you are able to call a friend, family member or 999. 


How much sponsorship money do I need to raise?

We ask that everyone who takes part in The Big Step Forward aims to raise a minimum of £100 to help fund world-class research to speed up diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and improve treatments. Every walker who raises £100 or more will receive The Big Step Forward medal, in the post. 

I’ve already raised the pledge of £100, do I need to continue fundraising? 

Excellent, that’s great news that you’ve already raised £100 or more – well done and thank you so much! Whilst it is not necessary to raise further funds, we encourage all our walkers to raise even more if you can, so that we’re able to fund even more research to help speed up diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and improve treatments. 

How can I reach the fundraising target?

We recommend using the online fundraising page which is automatically created for you when you register. Share this with friends and family. You will also receive support from us in emails and/or via the telephone, with plenty of fundraising hints and tips to help you reach your fundraising target. 

How do I set up an online fundraising page? 

When you complete your online registration form your Big Step Forward Funraisin page will be automatically created for you. You can then add photos, your story, set your target and get sharing your page to raise lots of money. 

Can I raise sponsorship money offline? 

Yes, and we can provide you with an offline sponsorship form if you call 020 3535 7090 or email thebigstepforward@pancreaticcancer.org.uk.We recommend raising funds on line where you can. 

When does my fundraising need to reach you by? 

Pancreatic Cancer UK will need to receive your full sponsorship by 21st August 2020. Money from an online fundraising page will come directly to us, so you won’t have to worry about this. If you do have any additional offline donations to add to your total, please call our Supporter Care Team on 020 3535 7090 to find out how you can pay this in.

How much do I need to raise to receive The Big Step Forward medal? 

We will be sending a Big Step Forward medal to every person who raises £100 or more in sponsorship, the funds must be received  by Pancreatic Cancer UK by the 21st August.  

How will the funds I raise support Pancreatic Cancer UK?

The funds raised through the Big Step Forward will help to fund research breakthroughs – our research funding will support the development of a simple test to diagnose pancreatic cancer earlier. This means people will be diagnosed earlier and could enable them to have surgery, the one potentially life-saving treatment they are currently often too late for. This test is within reach and could be saving lives as soon as 2024.

As well as supporting research, your fundraising could help fund our services. Pancreatic cancer doesn’t stop during a global pandemic. In fact, with treatment and care affected, our specialist nurses are needed now more than ever, to give people practical information and emotional support, and to help ease the burden for our colleagues in the NHS. We’re determined to do everything we can to support people with pancreatic cancer through this difficult time and beyond.


Can I take part in a group?

Yes, we encourage you to take part with friends and family, however you must keep up to date with the Coronavirus Government guidelines and only walk in group numbers which adhere to the current guidelines, and ensure social distancing is observed. 

How do we sign up in a group?

When you register, you will have the option to create a team. If you create a team you can then invite others to join your team. You don’t have to create team though; everyone who signs up as an individual will have their own fundraising page, and can raise funds alone and still walk with you on the day. 

Is everyone in the group required to raise £100? 

We ask that every person who signs up to the event tries to raise a minimum of £100 to help us fund more world-class research into pancreatic cancer. 

Can we fundraise in a group? 

Yes. When you create a team, a team fundraising page will also be set-up for you, so that you can all fundraise together. We recommend setting your fundraising target to reflect the £100 fundraising target per person in the team.

Flagship event cancellation

Is The Big Step Forward walk still taking place on May 16th in Beckenham Place Park?

After careful reflection, we have taken the difficult decision to cancel our flagship (physical event) Big Step Forward fundraising event which was due to take place on Saturday 5th September, following the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

We know that our many brilliant supporters who have registered to take part will share our disappointment, but we are in no doubt that this is the right decision for everyone involved. We really hope you can join us for the new virtual Big Step Forward event on 25th July.

Pancreatic cancer does not stop during a global pandemic - thousands of people up and down the UK will still be facing this cruel disease. With your help, we will continue to be there for them when they most need us.

I/my team member can not make the date of the new virtual event, can we have a refund? 

Yes, we would be happy to refund you for the fees you paid for the flagship walk.

Please contact us at thebigstepforward@pancreaticcancer.org.uk and we will refund you your entry fee. Alternatively you can donate your registration fee to Pancreatic Cancer UK - please email us to advise of your donation.