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The Big Step Forward Virtual

Goal reached!

How overwhelming! My £300 fundraising goal has been reached! Overall our team has raised over £1400! Thank you so much!
So far a total of more than £89k has been raised by the walkers of the virtual Big Step Forward event. Absolutely amazing!
It's with a lot of emotion that I am now getting ready for our walk on Saturday. It's not a sore ankle or the rain that is going to slow me down as I have wings of support behind my back!

I'm fundraising for the ones we lost, the ones who are fighting, and to support the research.

My name is Julie, I am 39 years old.

I heard about pancreatic cancer for the first time in 2015. It was my partner’s uncle. I remember discovering the difficulty of treatment but most of all I remember the uncertainty of the situation. Surgery was carried out, followed by chemotherapy treatments. We had a feeling of relief for few months. But he passed away in April 2017 at the age of 77, 9 months after being the registrar at his granddaughter’s wedding.

The second time I heard about pancreatic cancer was in 2017. It all started with jaundice. Followed by the worrying and sour diagnose. This time again chemotherapy and surgery. For 3 months the relief of victory until it was found in the lung. January 2019 I was there when the word “terminal” was confirmed to my 41 year old friend by her oncologist. 18 months later the cancer is still progressing at its own pace. Time is precious and every minute counts.

The third time I heard about pancreatic cancer was in November 2018. He had a sore back and had lost a lot of weight over the last 5 months. After a blood check he was rushed to the hospital where they discovered that the cancer had already spread all over his body. Nothing could be done. My grandfather passed away in the same hospital 2 weeks later.

The fourth time I heard bout pancreatic cancer was in December 2018. She had pain in her back for few months. When she was diagnosed it had already spread to her liver. Again the word “incurable”. She battled with the most positive spirit I have ever encountered in my life. 11 months later, my best friend’s mum passed away at the age of 66 in her own house surrounded by her loved ones.

It’s a horrible feeling in your gut when you sense that history is going to repeat itself after hearing “back pain”, “stomach pain”, “weight loss”… THIS SHOULD STOP.

Pancreatic Cancer should be diagnosed early enough for the patient to receive the appropriate treatment right away. It should get the same attention as any other cancer.

It is the 5th biggest cancer killer, and yet it gets just 1.4% of cancer research funding. Pancreatic Cancer UK are committed to securing an increase in the amount spent on pancreatic cancer research in the UK.


Whether you are affected by the disease now or remembering someone you’ve lost, you can take a stand against pancreatic cancer and demand a better future.

Research breakthroughs give us hope and will save lives. Every step you take will support world-class researchers to speed up diagnosis and improve treatments.

I will walk Saturday 25th July in memory of the ones we lost, the ones who are fighting, and to support the research.

Thank you for your support and donations!


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with love to you Julie and Good Luck


Jenny Shelley

Good luck Julie x


Julie Armenaud


Linden Simpson

Good Luck Julie,our Mel would be so proud of you xx


Linden Simpson

Good Luck Julie,our Mel would be proud of you,raising money for this very worthy cause x


Aimee Mcmorrow

To a beautiful soul doing wonderful things for many. Much love x


Lorraine Tucker

Thank you all for doing what you are doing, have a great day xx


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Good luck Julie!



Thinking of you today, Julie! 👣💕 x


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Well done xx


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Good luck, Julie! From Nat, Scott and Leo xx


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Good luck Julie, sending love from Wendy xxx


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Well done Julie and family