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My target 75 mi

Woooohooooo Finished


Finished 75 miles completed. 

I had 3 miles to finish last night according to my phone i walked my fastest mile 15.35 mins i know there might be a spot in the olympic team after all for me. Tokyo here i limp.

I been interesting, time consuming but full filling. Im proud of myself and the rest of the team for what we did. Im also proud of all our friends and collegues for donating so much to such a worthy cause. 

Thank you so much

That's it im done my mrs suggested a walk today dont worry i quashed that idea before she even finished her sentence. I think i might travel by segway from now on. 

Take care everyone stay safe and keep healthy.

Christian xxx

Day 6. The family walk

Id like to thank everyone for their generosity ive raised over £1000 and as a team over £2000 we are so overwhelmed.  Thank you all. 

Yesterday all of us set off on our main team walk through 4 local parks its was really lovely but the mount everest like hill at final park wasn't welcome.

All the kids Theo (2) Essie (2) Sidney (5 going on 65)  did really well Sid walked all the 7.5 miles with us the other two cheats brought push chairs and had the cheek to siesta during the walk.

Weather turned on us so walking back we got soaked and a little lost but its all good. 

Yesterday was a good day for a great cause we discovered new places for the first time and me, mark , sasha louise and the kids had a fun day

I know your all wondering about the blisters. Well we have learnt to live with each other.

13.19 miles completed yesterday 

57 miles done in total.  18 miles left. 

Day 3/4/5

Thanks to everyone for sponsoring me, before you start these thing you worry that no one will sponsor you, i should have know better, everyones been amazing and so very very generous. Thank you all so much.

Right i've gone back to school this week and these are the lessons i've learnt (not done punctuation yet so give me a break)

Lesson No 1. Always wear trainers that won't give you blisters
Lesson No 2. Always wear trainers that won't give you blisters
Lesson No 3. Always wear trainers that won't give you blisters

I've still been walking but i'm being nobbled by some lovely blisters, such a school boy at this walking lark, even resorted to flip-flops yesterday just gave me more blisters in different places ha ha 

So the pace had slowed quite a bit to rest the feet, (well until i can face trying to get my walking boots back on)

i'm up to 43.9 miles 31.1 to go.

Day 2 65 to go

Got woken up by a car alarm at 5am took the opportunity and did 9 miles. Which was nice so many parrotts (yes parrotts) flying about they are bloody noisey. 

Then did another 5 miles with my sister and her friend Kelly.  Nothing exciting  to report.

All good blister count on 5

Thanks for the support everyone

Day 1 Walk 1

Complete my first walk today 7.5 miles, one blister and the realisation that i need a new pair of trainers.

67.5 to go

75 miles in 7 days for pancreatic cancer

8pm on 11th May 2020 changed our lives forever, the legend our mum Avis lost her life whilst under-going a procedure to ease her pain of Pancreatic Cancer.  Mum was an inspiration, initially diagnosed with bowel cancer in April 2018, after chemo, radiotherapy and an operation she beat it and my god did she beat - you wouldn't have thought anything was wrong with her by just looking at her.  All was good, then in September 2018 they said they found a small less than 2cm "something" on her pancreas, that "something" eventually turned out to be cancer, a small tumour close to a main vein that needed to be even smaller to reduce any risk, unfortunately that didn't happen and it grew.  Mum was nothing but brave and positive throughout her treatment and again to look at her you wouldn't think she was very ill.  Our mum was as most would say unique, one in a zillion and simply the best.. our mum truly was and is sorely missed.  If we can help in anyway to save other families going through such trauma and heartache, lets try it.  Pancreatic cancer as we all know is the silent killer, something we must try and change and raise what we can for research for earlier detection and hopefully save lives. Our little family Sasha, Mark, Christian, Louise including the little legs Sidney (5) Essie (3) and Theodore (2) will be walking in honour of Mum in the hope to raise what we can. 

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Louise Timmermans

In memory of the Best Mother in law I could wish for. Miss you very much. Love Louise xxx


Betsy Kelly


James Dyer

Great cause mate, good luck with it!


Jones, Stepneys And Fredericks

Brliant well done


Ian Browring

Good luck mate


Stuart Hudson

Love you big man x


Allan Butler

Well done and a very worthy cause


Deborah Kerr

Your mum sounded like an amazing lady, such a massive and sad loss to you all. greta idea to do this walk - good luck xx


Georgie Ambrose

Well done Christian! Great thing to be doing and good luck with the training and the walk xx


Bob Hanson


Mr Phil A Dobson

Good luck mate, a great effort


Splicers Gs

Well done from everyone at Splicers GS


Daniel Winters

Well done mate! Keep going!!


Rebecca Araujo

So sorry for your loss Christian hope you are doing ok


Steve Curley

Best of luck mate


Casa Hamid


Mark Saunders

Good luck pal


Christian Timmermans


Simon Barnard

Good luck mate. All the best Barn


Ian Thompson


Gary Harwood


Tony Hutt

Raise your target. Great cause 👍


Laura Iivonen

Well done Christian, what an amazing thing to do and such a good cause xx


Lewis Winters

Good luck Christian 👍


Frank Cowley

Good luck kid


Ben Sales

Sorry for your loss of your Mum.


Sam Tranter

Great cause mate, good luck!


Rob & Lorrae Joyner

Mate a worthy cause. 👍🏻


Peter Lourenco

Sorry for your loss mate. Hope your not just walking to McDonald’s and back each day.


James Ward Splicers

Well done mate!! Great cause


Tania Roy

Good luck Mr! Such an amazing thing you're doing. Lots of love xxx


Dean Mchugh

Well done mate, great effort. Dean, Hayley, Marnie and Jaxon x




Mickey Ring


Paul Mooney


John Curley


Tony Gallagher

Good luck mate x


Asti Madden


Mark Campen


Darren Powell


Sigi Carson

I've lost two very close people to cancer in the last year. Well done for doing this.


Neal Bailey

Keep going mate


Nathan Harper

Top work fella *Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be plays in the background


Paul Alderman

Good luck Christian. xx


Malcolm Mcintyre


Ralph Pedersen

Good luck Christian!


Craig Winters

Good luck mate - great cause


Paul Hardee


Matthew Linnett

Great effort mate, all the best.


Jim Vander Meersch

Great challenge mate, many congrats on completing, absolute legend pal!!


Jack Lipsham-carr

Great effort big man, good luck!


Miles Stubbs

Bit late to the party, well done for doing it mate, great cause. Xx


Keith Drewrey

Good luck mate


Tom Atkinson

Great Idea mate. Your mum would have been proud x


James Clack

Go for it Timmers!


Rosie Gills

Best of luck Christian! You can do it :)


Dean Fournier

Good luck matey


Lucy Harrison

What an amazing idea! Good luck and lots of love to you and your family xxx


Emma Gallagher

Amazing idea, good luck with it! Sending you and your family lots of love x


Paul Kinsman

Keep going mate


Simon Cook

Good Luck Mate. Your mum would be very proud of you.X


Danny O’driscoll

Good luck 👍


Matthew Hunt

Well done mate! x



Blisters 5. Timmers 75. Nice one buddy.


Alice Poole

You'll smash it mate. Proud of you - and what a great cause x




Stephen Fehrenbach

Good luck mate




Johanna Creak

GO ONE TIMMERMAN! I can imagine you need all the support you can get to want to walk around Romford for that long ;)


Sasha Timmermans

That missing £1 was really annoying me